Oct 11, 2022 • 1HR 3M

#22 How to Lead With Authenticity and Take Care of Your People

A conversation with Mylene Barizo, Founder of Leadership Ladder and Former Executive at Enterprise and Boeing

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In this episode, Jarrod and Olivier speak with Mylene Barizo, founder of Leadership Ladder. Mylene Barizo has had an extensive career at the rental car company Enterprise in Los Angeles before moving to Seattle to work as an executive at Boeing. She founded the executive consulting company Leadership Ladder in 2021 and now consults corporate teams on leadership and teamwork principles.

We cover Mylene’s experience as a recent UCLA grad starting an entry-level position at Enterprise. We learn about her interactions with her bosses as well as her transition to becoming one herself. We explore the lessons Mylene took from Enterprise and applied them to the work culture at Boeing. This episode is full of great anecdotes about moving up the corporate ladder, the difference between a good boss and a bad one, how to lead and stay authentic, how to take care of your team, how to keep your team accountable, and much more. 

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