Join us as we begin our ambitious business ventures across rural Japan!
#32 Sustainability in Contemporary Rural JapanListen now | A discussion with Stephanie Assmann of the University of Hyogo
#31 To Be of Service: Walk the Streets and Speak With PeopleListen now | A discussion with Heide Imai of Senshu University
#30 What the Post-Covid World Can Learn From Japan's Bubble EconomyListen now | A discussion about "Japanization" and the Lost Decade
#29 Niyodo Adventure: How to Start an Outdoor Business in JapanListen now (47 min) | A discussion with Zoé Bouchard of Niyodo Adventure
#28 Building Kominka Businesses in the Dragon VillageListen now (58 min) | A discussion with XJ Lee of Ryunohara
#27 Wrapping Up 2022! + "We're Not Really Strangers"Listen now | We review 2022 and look onward to even greater success!
#26 Strengthening Otoyo, Kochi Prefecture With Violet PacileoListen now (66 min) | A discussion with Violet Pacileo, CEO at VP Advisors K.K. and Otoyo Crossfit Strength
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